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" It takes a big heart to help shape little minds"

What we offer 

Little Caterpillars offers a variety of programs for ages 3 through 12, in Preschool, Childcare, and After-School formats. Browse the information below to learn more about each of our programs. For more information, please click on the tabs regarding each program.

Please note that some of our programs, especially Preschool and Childcare, share many of the same curriculum elements. All of our programs share the same Little Caterpillar philosophy and teaching style.


Programs for Three-Year-Olds

Little Caterpillars offers several programs suitable for three-year-olds

Programs for Four-Year-Olds

Little Caterpillars  offers several programs suitable for four-year-olds

Programs for Other Ages

Little Caterpillar offers several other programs suitable for children 3 to 12.

Parent Package

General Policies & Guidelines in our Parent Hand Book.

Registration Forms

Little Caterpillars Family Child Care Registration Package.

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