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Preschool & Childcare
(Full Day)

" Look with kindness and you will find the wonders"



The preschool is similar to the Abbotsford School District. In June the preschool will close a few days earlier than Abbotsford School District #34. The preschool will be open on professional development days as long as I am not required to attend a workshop. Generally, a 3 day notice will be given for schedule revisions. 

Schedule (For morning Preschool only)

8:45 am                     Welcome/ Childcare children headcover for preschool

8:55 am                     Circle Time.

9:10-9:30 am           Fine Motor Skills (Art) / Centre Time

9:30-11 am               Outside Time

11:00-11:15 am      Bathroom Break/Home Time & Childcare Childrens (go back)

11:30- 11:45 pm     Silent Reading (while Teachers fix lunches).

11:45-12:15 pm     Lunch Time 

12:15-2:00 pm       Bathroom Break/ Nap Time

2:10-3:15 pm         Wake up, Quite a Table top activities.

3:15-3:30pm          Snack Time (Bathroom Break).

3:30-4:00 pm        Pre-K Skill.

4:00-4:30 pm         Center Time

4:30-5:15 pm         Outside time.

5:15-5:30 pm         Clean up time (Parents  start picking up)

For more info please contact us at

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